What is it?

An interactive SCP story.

This repository contains compiled builds which are available here:


In order to build Maitreya from source you will need Git, Node.js and Gulp.js installed.

git clone
cd maitreya
npm install
xdg-open dist/index.html

This will compile and open Maitreya in a browser.

index.html provides a resizable iframe for testing different screen sizes, which contains maitreya.html. maitreya.html is the content of the article, and fills the iframe if accessed through index.html or the Wikidot page, or the whole screen if accessed by itself.

src/js/ is a file generated by a spreadsheet on Google Sheets. Please contact me if you require access to this spreadsheet (it will be very useful for translations).


Code: GPL; content: CC-BY SA 3.0