Quick Commands

This page is a quick and rough summary of commands. If you'd prefer a more detailed version, see the full documentation.

What is TARS?

It's an IRC bot to aid SCP Wiki staff.

Whenever you see a command such as .search, keep in mind that you can also use this command by pinging TARS at the start of your message: TARS: search. Anything in [square brackets] is optional.



TARS will provide a link for a message that's just "SCP-XXXX" or that contains "!SCP-XXXX".



Forces TARS to reevaluate previous messages until it finds something that meets one of the following criteria:

Append a number after the chevron to change how many messages are checked, e.g. TARS: ^ 20. Limit of 50, default 10. More chevrons skip commands.

An empty message that pings TARS and nothing else, eg TARS:, is equivalent to TARS: ^ 1.

Deferral (to other bots)

Most commands will not trigger if another bot is in the channel. Look for J and/or H after the command name to see whether or not this is the case for each command.

However, if either of those bots fails the request (e.g. not finding anything in a .search) then TARS will automatically try as well. (If TARS also fails to find anything, it won't say anything.)

To force TARS to parse a command, either ping it at the start of the message, or prefix the command with two dots, e.g. ..search.

General Commands


Provides a link to both this page and the full documentation.

Searches the wiki for pages.

.search [title] [--regex regex] [--tags tags] [--author author] [--rating rating] [--created created] [--parent parent] [--fullname] [--summary] [--select type number offset]

If TARS finds more than one article that matches your criteria, it will provide a list of matches and ask if you meant any of them. To pick your article from the list, see the showmore command.

.lastcreated, .lc, .l, .recent

TARS will generate a list of the 3 most recently created pages.

.lastcreated [amount] [extra arguments]

.regexsearch, .regexsea, .rsea, .rs

Exactly the same as search, except your search terms are parsed as regular expressions.

.showmore, .sm

When TARS presents you with a list of articles to pick from, use this command to pick which one you want to see.

Use .sm or .sm 0 to see the whole list.

.authorpage, .author, .au

.au [username]

Fetches the author page for a given user. You must specify their Wikidot name exactly, although if you name an IRC user, TARS will check its list of aliases (see .alias) as well. If you don't specify anyone, TARS will try to find your author page instead (and it'll check your aliases, too).


.alias [name] [--add names] [--remove names] [--list]

Add an alternate name(s) for yourself into TARS' database. These names are used for .authorpage and .seen.


.seen name

TARS will tell you when this user last sent a message in the current channel, and when they last sent a message in any channel.


.tags [tags]

Equivalent to .s -t [tag].


.tag tag

TARS will provide a link to the page that lists all the pages with this tag.

Note that jarvis uses this command as an alias for .tags.


.wikiname MyWikidotUsername

Set your Wikidot username in TARS' database.


.user user

TARS will provide a link to the user's Wikidot page.